Dream About A Snake Eating Another Snake – Spiritual & Biblical Meaning

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Our subconscious has a mysterious ability to bring all kinds of symbols, elements, persons, or colors into dreams, and the snake is no exception.

The dream about a snake eating another snake indicates inner conflict and insecurity. In layman’s terms, it could be described as that feeling when you want something but don’t want it at the same time or you’re afraid of it. For example, you want to become rich, but at the same time, you are afraid of how the people around you will react, or you are afraid that you will make new enemies because of money.

Your subconscious mind is telling you through this dream that you have to decide what you really want and weigh all the pros and cons. When you are constantly hesitating or struggling with some sort of inner conflict, you will find that time is slipping through your fingers. And time is the most precious thing we have because we can’t get it back.

Snake Symbol In Dreams

A snake is a powerful symbol of transformation, healing, rebirth, renewal, fear, danger, deceit, and loss of control over one’s life. It may also represent anger, resentment, and jealousy. The presence of a snake in your dream is a warning sign to open your eyes and start making a change; otherwise, you will get lost in your thoughts and not move forward.

Biblical Meaning of A Snake In Dreams

Biblically, the snake signifies healing, fertility, and magical (psychic) powers. When one snake eats another snake, one of these characteristics (healing, fertility, psychic powers) is suppressed. Either you can’t heal, you can’t get pregnant, or someone has put a curse on you. The biblical interpretation of this dream is, therefore, not very favorable.

If it is a recurring dream, I would recommend thinking about what or who is bothering you and considering making a change. It could be someone or something that suppresses your psychic abilities or prevents you from healing. It could also be your toxic or negative thoughts.

Whatever it is, the dream of a snake eating another snake is not positive; it is rather a negative omen that should not be ignored.

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